About Djannat Limited

Investing into the real estate of Dubai, besides the respectability aspects of a business arrangement and an excellent infrastructure, bring to the owners a good income.

Every year a price of the real estate of this emirate grows up. Investing in Dubai, you get the guaranteed gain of income without additional investments and also profit at resale of an object or leasing it.

Djannat Limited is look at forward and will recommend an object, considering axactly that business project, which will be realized in the future, having used this object. Thereby the investor gains not just income from the releasing of an object, he is get the profitability which is guaranteed by the perspective business direction.

"Djannat Limited" cooperates only with the largest investors of construction companies in Dubai, which have all licenses for this kind of activity, and it is mean, that are excluded any reefs and attempt of deception of our partners. From starting to the end of the transaction completion by purchasing and saling of the real estate the company assists to investors. We provide reliable information about Dubai and about the life in the UAE.

Why Dubai?

The UAE are one of the most attractive countries for the foreign investor. UAE are takes the 11th place by the profitability of investments of direct foreign investments.

The rich country with a high income level, has the modern legislation and transparent judicial system, which are deservedly appreciated by investors.

Lack of the taxation, numerous programs of the state subsidizing of perspective branches, obtainable labor and resources.

Djannat Limited investment portfolio

Plan 1

101,2% for 1 day. Min - Max deposit: $20.00 - $100.00
Profit 1,2% is charged right after of the deposit creation
Total Return: 101,2% (1,2% net).

Plan 2

107,5% for 5 days. Min - Max Deposit: $50 - $250.00
Profit 7,5% is charged right after of the deposit creation
Total Return: 107,5% (7,5% net). Principial Return.
2.5% affiliate program